Mission , Vision & Mandate

A globally competitive and adequate workforce for industrial development

To provide quality industrial training for enhanced productivity

Section 3A of the Industrial Training Act No. 12 of 2012 gives the Powers and functions of the Authority. The Authority is thus responsible for:

  • Industrial training;
  • Assessing and collecting industrial training levy and fees;
  • Regulating trainers registered under section 7C of the Act
  • Developing industrial training curricula;
  • Integrating labour market information into skills development;
  • Harmonizing curricula and certificates of competence;
  • Assessing industrial training, testing occupational skills and awarding certificates including Government trade test certificates;
  • Equating certificates;
  • Accrediting institutions engaged in skills training for industry;
  • Associating or collaborating with any other body or organization within or outside Kenya as the Board may consider desirable or appropriate and in furtherance of the purposes for which the Authority is established;